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Междисциплинарный центр по исследованиям и обучению в области СПИДа
Fostering an AIDS Research and Training Center Infrastructure in Russia
International AIDS Conference, Vienna 
16th-Dec-2008 02:26 pm

Community Partners


International AIDS Conference, Vienna


1. Member of Programme Committees and Tracks

2. Speaker




Vienna, Austria, has been chosen to host the XVIII International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2010), the largest international meeting on HIV, where every two years 25,000 participants representing all stakeholders in the global response to HIV meet to assess progress and identify future priorities.


AIDS 2010 will be held from 18-23 July, 2010, at the Reed Messe Wien.


AIDS2008 is being organised in a partnership between the International AIDS Society (IAS), as the convenor, the international community partners including the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities (CWC), the Global Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GNP+) the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICW), the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO), the World Young Women’s Christian Association (World YWCA), the regional partners the East European and Central Asian Union PLWH (ECUO) and the European Commission, local Austrian partners, and UNAIDS and its co-sponsors.


As the Conferences have evolved, so has the planning process. Increasingly the programme committees (Community, Leadership and Accountability, and Scientific) have a central role in defining the conference programme. Community involvement is an important part of this evolution of the planning process1. As such, the international and regional community partners of the conference are initiating an open call for nominations for the Programme committees and for possible speakers.


The role of the committee member will be to participate in a committee of around fourteen people to plan and execute the programme for AIDS2010. The role of committee members is as a volunteer and there is no payment for participating in the committees. Travel to committee meetings and related expenses will be covered by the Conference. Registration and travel to the conference is not guaranteed for committee members, however the Conference often assists committee members to find funding for conference attendance. Previous committee members have found that the position can be intermittently demanding and requires dedicated time. There will likely be at least 2-3 in person meetings in 2009 and the same in 2010. Additional time (2-5 hours a week) will be required to participate in teleconferences and frequent email communication, review documentation, plan work, and consult with broader community constituencies.


Although committee members will be appointed as individuals they are expected to consult with a wide variety of constituencies and community stakeholders.


Application Process

Individuals are asked to apply on their own behalf and must complete and return the application form.


The Community Partners of AIDS2010 have established this open call for nominations for the programme committees. Nominations will be considered first by the community partners by reviewing applications on the basis of the established criteria. The partners will submit a shorter final list of nominations for discussion and agreement by the Conference Coordinating Committee.


The final selected members of the programme committees will be made public. It will not be possible to reply individually to every applicant.


In addition, the community partners are using this call for nominations as an opportunity to identify a broader list of potential speakers that will be identified later in 2009 and 2010 for a number of different conference sessions.




The criteria for programme committee membership include:

  • Broad experience with the issues of people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS, vulnerable communities and HIV-related non-governmental and community based

  • Ability to represent, and consult with, a wide variety of constituencies and community stakeholders, and not just your own constituency.

  • Ability to work with colleagues from Science and Leadership and recognize that the conference has multiple stakeholders

  • Ability to attend and participate fully in all meetings

  • Ability and capacity to communicate by telephone, fax, and email

  • Ability to work in written and spoken English as documentation is generally provided, and group discussions are, in English

  • Additional languages and trans-cultural experience an asset

  • Ability to review large volumes of documentation in advance of meeting and/or strategic decisions

  • Ability to act within a team setting

  • Be sensitive to all aspects of diversity

  • Assurance that you and/or your organization/institution can provide some protected time for conference related duties  


Applications are strongly encouraged from people living with HIV


Deadline and contact details


Applications must be completed and received no later than 13 January, 2009.


Only email applications will be accepted. Please send the application with all required information in English to:


E-mail: AIDS2010community@icaso.org


Your assistance in circulating this information as widely as possible and as rapidly as possible is appreciated to ensure that members of civil society are aware of this opportunity.


For future information on the conference go to www.aids2010.org.


For information on how communities can be involved in the IAC see:



Contacts of the AIDS2010 international and regional community partners:


Caribbean Vulnerable Communities (CWC)

Marcus Day marcus.p.day@gmail.com

Global Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GNP+)

Mauro Guarinieri


International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICW)

Beri Hull


International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO)

Kieran Daly


World Young Women’s Christian Association (World YWCA)

Sophie Dilmitis


East European and Central Asian Union PLWH (ECUO)

Terry White





Member of International AIDS Conference (AIDS2010)

Programme Committee and Track

and/or Speaker




  1. Once the form opens in word format, save it in your computer (make sure that it is saved as .doc).

  2. The form is in English. You MUST fill it out electronically in English

  3. Read the form carefully.

  4. Save the form once you finish and send it as a Microsoft word attachment to aids2010community@icaso.org by 13 January, 2009.


All fields must marked * must be completed.

Family name *


First name *





* □ Female

□ Male

□ Transgender

Country of residence*


Position title*

Present main institution/organization *



Contact numbers*

Tel (Work)



Tel (Mobile)



Fax *




E-mail address *


E-mail address (alternative/assistant)


Postal address *




Physical address



Please indicate what you are applying for (check all that apply):


Community Programme Committee

Leadership and Accountability Programme Committee

Scientific Programme Committee

Scientific Track




Please complete all of the following:


  1. Are you openly living with HIV?

Yes □ No □ Do Not Know


  1. Are you fluent in English?

Yes □ No


3 . Have you previously attended an International AIDS Conference (IAC)?

Yes □ No

If yes, how many: ______________


4. Are you available to for all travel and work commitments associated with the programme committees or Tracks?

Yes □ No


Please provide a letter from your organization stating that they have agreed for you to commit the necessary time (see background above) for the programme committee work and related travel.


5. If you have previously been a member of an IAC programme committee or Track, indicate which one:


Community Programme Committee

Leadership Programme Committee

Scientific Programme Committee

Scientific Track


6. Which of these sectors/groups do you and the organizations you are related to identify with? (check all that apply)


People living with HIV □ Academia □ Disabled persons

Young people □ Women □ Human rights

Labour □ Faith-based □ Older persons

Children □ Indigenous people □ CBO

Business/private sector □ Service provider □ NGO

Advocacy/campaigning □ Foundations □ Transgender

Sex Workers □ Men who have sex with men

People who use drugs □ Other:________________­­


7. At which level do the organizations you relate to operate? (check all that apply)

International □ Regional (multi-country)

National □ Local/Grassroots


8. Briefly describe what knowledge, expertise, and experience (including length of time) you would bring to the programme development of the conference (maximum 200 words):


9. What HIV-related issues are you focused on? (check all that apply)


Prevention □ People Living with HIV

Treatment □ Women and girls

Care and support □ Sex workers

Human rights □ Men who have sex with men

Migration and mobility □ Trangendered people

Policy □ Indigenous People

Harm reduction □ Drug users

Drug policy □ Children

Stigma and discrimination □ Older people/ageing

TB □ Accountability

Health systems □ Trade

AIDS financing □ Workplace

Research and development □ Other:__________________


10. If you have indicated you are interested in being considered as a speaker at the conference, please provide an outline of the issues you can speak to and your key messages (maximum 200 words)


Please provide the name and contact details below of two people who can be contacted as references if needed.






1 For more on the history of community involvement see www.icaso.org/aids2008community/history.html.

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